Will You be the One? The Song!

We are so passionate about the Will You be the One? philosophy, we wrote a song about it! Be inspired... Track written* and performed by company director Tracey Campbell
*Co-writer and producer Andrew Small

One head teacher’s encounter with ‘Will You be the One?‘:

‘As a result of the ‘Will You be the One?’ INSET our whole approach to behaviour management has changed. Staff are more ready to “spot the positive” and this approach has been incorporated into our behaviour policy. Within school, staff take time to listen to the children, refrain from shouting and therefore are better able to meet the children’s needs. We had two children join our school  who had been excluded from their previous schools. They settled in beautifully and there were no behaviour issues. I have no doubt the ‘Will You be the One?’ INSET contributed to the way in which these children were supported within our school during this difficult transition.

The INSET encouraged a great deal of reflection and soul searching in all staff which was immensely powerful. ‘

L Gavin
Head Teacher

More Testimonies

‘Eye and mind opening! Felt as if I wanted to change a few things right after the session. Made me reflect on my professional conduct and identify what I can change in my practice.’

Class Teacher


‘Lots of great ideas on positive behaviour management which will be a huge help for providing support in the classroom.’

Teaching Assistant


‘Passionate, inspirational & captivating. Tracey compels her audience to want to be The One!’

Head Teacher


A truly inspirational series of Behaviour Management Workshops for Schools that touches the hearts of adults and transforms the lives of the children they teach…

About the Programme

Featured as part of the Investing in Diversity Programme at the Institute of Education,
‘Will You be the One?
’ continues to challenge educators across the country…

‘Will You be the One?’ began as a stand alone two hour INSET but in response to demand has now developed into a series of INSETs that succinctly unpack the roots and motives of challenging behaviour; leaving practitioners in no doubt about their vital role in the lives of children with challenging behaviour.  These INSETs arm school staff with the knowledge and tools needed to build the kind of schools where all children can thrive.

Programme Aims

Programme Outline

‘Will You be the One?’ can be delivered as a condensed single session lasting two hours; however there are five additional sessions available.

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