‘The doughnut challenge taught me that it is hard, but not impossible to break a habit.’

Year 4


‘The support provided by the Repack programme has enabled some of our most vulnerable children to gain self awareness and come to terms with the expectations of school in a consistent and positive way.’

Head of Inclusion


‘Repack helped me to work out the things that I need to change about my behaviour’

Year 6


‘The Mars Bar Challenge taught me to try even when things are hard’

Year 4


‘Repack is an empowering programme that helps children to develop self esteem and confidence.’

Learning Mentor


‘Repack is an inspiring programme that gives children hope that they can reach their potential.’

Learning Mentor


A Behaviour Programme for Primary School Children

Repack Unpacked

We all carry a load of some description, though the size and weight may vary. Repack is designed to help children regain a sense of order and control; when the suitcase of their lives spills open or simply becomes too much to bear.

Repack provides learning experiences that help children to better understand themselves and others; they learn to cooperate, they learn to motivate and they learn to appreciate that they can be more, do more and become more.

Though we can’t take the ‘heavy garments’ out of the suitcases of the vulnerable children that we work with; what we can do is help to make their little lives more manageable...

Repack works particularly well as part of a nurture group provision, but can also be offered as a stand-alone 12 week programme for vulnerable / challenging children. Behaviour Management Coaching is also available for adults working with these children.

Programme Aims

Programme Outline

Repack is a unique 12 week programme for primary school children that seeks to help them better understand their emotional responses to difficult situations. The sessions are relevant; tackling issues that are significant to vulnerable children; while teaching vital skills to develop resilience and motivation.

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