‘The improvements to both home and school life were amazing, this programme changed our lives..’



‘Habits are hard to break, but Tracey gave us the tools to help us and our son. We continue to use the concepts daily.’



‘Excellent, inclusive and inspiring. The programme helped me to appreciate the need to break old patterns and establish new ones.’



‘Style was fantastic - really easy to understand. Made the concepts easy.

North London


'I was really interested in the concepts and how to deal with children in practical ways.’


Behvaiour Basics

Behaviour Management Workshops
for Parents

About the Programme

Issues from home ‘spill’ into school because children arrive with far more in their bags than they can carry. Parents are sometimes unaware of the effects that tiredness, hunger, anxiety and stress have on children; in particular their capacity to learn and manage their behaviour.

Parents over the years have asked for support in setting up rules and routines at home in order to create more of a parallel between home and school.  This collaboration between home and school is vital and Behaviour Basics is simply our way of saying: “You live with children, we work with children – let’s work together.”

Behaviour Basics is designed to help parents develop the knowledge and skills necessary to respond appropriately when misbehaviour occurs.  The strategies and principles can be used both to help prevent and respond to challenging behaviour.  Good practice in behaviour management is a combination of how well we deal with behaviour incidents when they arise, together with how well we establish the kind of environment that is conducive to positive behaviour.

Programme Aims

  • To share good behaviour management practice in order to create better cohesion between home and school
  • To explore strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour
  • To help parents understand  the approaches needed to encourage children towards positive behaviour
  • To develop understanding of the term ‘behaviour’ – what it is and why it is

Programme Outline

Behaviour Basics can be taught as a condensed single session or there is a more extensive version of the programme is available with each of the six sessions being taught on a weekly basis.

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