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About Us

Together Transforming Behaviour Ltd is a consultancy specialising in all aspects of behaviour management training. We offer lasting solutions to all of your training needs by helping to build capacity within teams to support all staff in managing behaviour effectively. The company exists to influence change in the hearts and minds of people concerning how they look at children who exhibit challenging behaviour; by inspiring individuals to move ideas about behaviour management from common knowledge, to common practice.

Our approach is holistic providing support for teachers, parents and children; a model which has yielded amazing results. We are committed to providing quality training that is both practical and relevant; leaving participants with a tool kit that is well stocked with strategies to support themselves and the children they teach.

Referring to our ‘Will You be the One?’ behaviour INSET one Deputy Head Teacher said ‘…every word triggers something deep within and you leave wanting more. Every word delivered with true passion, a total inspiration, the way forward for all schools.’


Director & Lead Trainer

Tracey CampbellExcluded from school 6 times and told by teachers ‘you will never move beyond your negative attitude,’ Tracey Campbell has gone on to become one of only a few Advanced Skills Teachers in Behaviour Management. Her approach to behaviour management has been described as: ‘positive, innovative and inspiring.’

She began her career as a teacher in a North London Primary School where she quickly established herself as a positive and dynamic practitioner; renowned for her vivacious style of teaching. Tracey conveys a real passion for inner city children and young people and believes that a positive classroom environment is one where children are celebrated not merely tolerated; where positive relationships are established - built on mutual respect and trust.

Tracey says, "I’m convinced my story is not unique – I got into heaps of trouble at school because of my own behaviour and I remember many of my teachers having little or no hope that I would change. I was however fortunate enough to encounter a teacher who one day took me aside and said, “You are a born leader with so much potential; that’s what I see when I look at you.” I was blown away because what she had to say was so different to what I had heard from other teachers. You’ll have to read my book to get the rest of the story; but what I will say is that the words of that teacher and the belief she had in me despite my behaviour; had a profound impact on my life. The reality is that we as teachers never really know what children can become. Despite what they said about me, I spend my days teaching teachers how to manage behaviour. How did it happen? Because one of my teachers made a decision to
Be the One."