Sure Start


‘Very practical, clear knowledge of the issues teachers face every day with respect to behaviour.’

Ashmount Primary School



‘Excellent, one of the best sessions during the NQT module.’

Highbury Quadrant Primary School


‘Appreciated learning about the reason behind behaviours and how managing behaviour is more than following policy. Very insightful’

Drayton Park Primary School



'Very powerful presentation which covered both the importance of understanding the causes and also gave me a range of practical strategies to use in my classroom.’

St Joseph’s Primary School


'Tracey is passionate... I was gripped for the whole 2 hours! She speaks from personal experience which adds weight to what she says… I feel excited about tomorrow and making positive changes in my classroom.’

Canonbury Primary School


‘Excellent. Tracey gave me a new perspective on the approach to behaviour management and strategies for combating poor behaviour and celebrating good behaviour.’

Sacred Heart RC Primary School

Sure Start

Behaviour Management Training
for Primary NQTs

About the Programme

In  the midst of  the challenging first year of teaching, it can be difficult to develop a clear strategy for dealing with behaviour; avoiding being hyper vigilant and yet establishing your authority – striking that balance can be tricky. The key is not just knowing how to deal with behaviour but understanding why certain types of behaviours occur.

Sure Start will give you the clarity and the confidence  you need in order to have sustained success in Behaviour Management throughout your NQT year and beyond.

NQTs need more than a ‘hit and run’ when it comes to training in Behaviour Management…

Sure Start is designed to help NQTs develop their knowledge and skills across the whole of their NQT year; laying a solid foundation and then providing key building blocks that support NQTs to both prevent and respond to challenging behaviour. 

Programme Aims

Programme Outline

Sure Start is ideally a year long programme that takes NQTs through the key principles for establishing their classroom and  managing behaviour effectively.  The sessions can however be taught in isolation; with each individual session lasting 2 hours.

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