Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams Theme Song!

A room full of children singing at the top of their voices 'Live Your Dreams, no matter how hard it seems.' It's priceless... Track written* and performed by company director Tracey Campbell
*Co-writer and producer Andrew Small

Live Your Dreams Live Your Dreams Live Your Dreams Live Your Dreams Live Your Dreams


About the Programme

Transition from Primary to Secondary School is one of the most significant stages in a child’s life – thorough preparation is key…

Live Your Dreams is a dynamic and engaging programme  that gets right to the heart of the issues faced by children preparing for Secondary School.  It explores the feelings evoked in children about this change and dispels some of the many myths about Secondary School; leaving children confident and informed about the exhilarating journey that lies ahead.

Live Your Dreams is designed to help children review the progress they have made at Primary School by identifying their key strengths and areas for development.  It teaches children about the importance of goal setting and helps them to identify behaviour patterns that could hinder the fulfillment of aspirations.

Programme Aims:

Programme Outline

This unique six week programme culminates in a presentation to the rest of the school, which includes a performance of the theme song ‘Live Your Dreams.
Children who complete the programme can receive a Live Your Dreams t-shirt and a copy of the theme song on CD.

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