Together Transforming Behaviour Ltd partners with schools to provide training, consultancy & coaching in all areas of behaviour management. Packages are tailored to support the specific training needs of whole schools or individual teachers; leaving people in no doubt about how powerful and important the issue of behaviour is. The company is best known for the ‘Will You be the One?’ behaviour management training package which since 2008 has featured as part of the Investing in Diversity Programme at the Institute of Education.

Will You be the One? is also the title of the 'well-written guide to understanding children's behaviour' written by Tracey Campbell.

Featured Programmes:

For Teachers

Will You Be The One

Find out more about how this series of inspiring Behaviour Management INSETs for schools is changing the hearts and minds of teachers and improving outcomes for children!

For Parents

Behaviour Basics

Behaviour Management workshops for parents designed to create cohesion between home and school.
You live with children, we work with children; let's work together!

For Children

Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams is a dynamic and engaging programme for Year 6 pupils that gets to the heart of the issues and dispels the myths about Secondary School.